Primary and Intermediate classes work together after change in venue

Our Bishop’s Stortford Primary and Intermediate classes were able to work together after the Primary class moved to Birchwood High School for the first time. Both classes ran concurrently, but the Primary class used to take place just a few hundred yards down the road at All Saints Primary School.

The Intermediate class takes place in the Main Hall whilst the Primary class takes place in the adjacent Drama Studio. Now that both classes are in the same venue, Creative Director Phil Dale highlighted a number of benefits.

“The change means that as the term progresses, we are able to develop work that involves both classes – and the wider age range brings a number of benefits. Older students can act as mentors whilst our younger students have positive role models.” Explained Phil.

Both classes came together for the first week of the new structure and all students responded positively to the change.

We have limited spaces for both our Primary and Intermediate classes and a free trial class can be booked here.