Never Mind the Extension – Book a Summer Holiday Experience You’ll Never Forget

We are delighted to released details of our Summer Theatre School Experience and it won’t be affected by the extension of social distancing rules.

With over 20 years of experience in running summer theatre school projects for thousands of young people, we can be relied upon to deliver. Participants will spend a fun packed five days working with a team of professionals to create their own unique outdoor theatre performance, which is performed on the Friday.

This year’s Summer Theatre School will take place between 9th and 13th August within the spectacular grounds of The Gibberd Garden in Old Harlow and will cater for both Primary and Secondary aged children. Previous summer schools have taken place in theatre venues but the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 and the releasing of social distancing rules has made confirming a project can proceed has been increasingly difficult.

Creative Director Phil Dale explained the thinking behind the choice of venue. “Firstly, with lockdown having gone on for so long we felt it was important to get young people being creative outdoors. Secondly, creating outdoor performances was the simplest way to ensure that everyone who wanted to would be able to watch them without and worries or concerns.”

There are just 30 places available for each age group and booking is open now. The days run from 10am until 4pm but parents who require full childcare can extend the days from 8am to 6pm for an extra fee.

For more information and to book visit our Phoenix Theatre Outdoors page.